Hockey at Asgiriya on Saturday and Sunday was entertainment showpiece; a prestigious event that demonstrates the true glamour of hockey. This was  Trinity College’s  a six-a-side hockey tournament, which was worked off  to celebrate seventy  years of active hockey,  saw 34 boys and 16 girls schools  in action, and it was two good days entertaining hockey. In the boy’s event 1st, 2nd and 3rd place went to Matale schools-St. Thomas, Zahira, and Christ Church and the 4th place was pocketed by Kingswood College.  In the girl’s event, Janadapathi Balik came 1st, Sangamiththa from Matale 2nd , 3rd place was taken by Seethadevi Girls Kandy and the fourth Musaeus Girls Colombo came 4th.

At Trinity, sports has always played a large part in the life of the school,  Official recognition for hockey was not granted by the school authorities until 1950, but more than 10 years  previously, hockey had in fact been played quite seriously by a school side that was called “Rabbits” and took part in local tournaments.  This side seems to have ceased to exist after 1942 in spite of the tremendous fillip given by the presence in Kandy during the war of Indian troops including among them the renowned Dayan Chand.
Then former principal the late Lionel Fernando was one of the pioneers in those early days of the rabbits and he went on to captain the University and to represent All-Ceylon.  When hockey was started in 1950, they began on a glorious note by beating both St. Thomas’ and Wesley, the two top school side of that time.  Then from 1965 for many years the credit must go to Paul Jeyaraj who devoted his evenings by coaching.