The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce will hold a seminar under the title of ‘Capital Structure Management for Better Financing’, in  a bid to help finance sector professionals maintain a healthy capital structure in their firms.

The seminar to be held on the 09th of February, 2016  will see Bede Fernando, Managing Director of First Wealth Limited taking part as the resource person.  He will delve on areas such as indicators in measuring key financial performance, on capital structuring, on how to take a company to the next generation and also explain on Mergers and Acquisition. The session would be chaired by Dhara Wijayatilake, CEO of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

Experts say, it is very important to maintain a healthy capital structure in a company to ensure its financial stability and for that paying attention to manage the Capital Structure is vital. Accordingly, this seminar, will provide participants an insight into remodeling the capital structure of companies to facilitate next level of growth; balancing risks and debt and equity mix; and the opportunities available in terms of sourcing strategic investors, mergers and acquisitions etc. The seminar will take place at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, starting at 2.30 pm. If you wish to register for this event, call 115588882 or email to