Sanjeev Gardiner

Leading hotelier and tourism hospitality magnate, Sanjeev Gardiner, has just confirmed his investment in Quintessentially for Sri Lanka and The Maldives. Quintessentially is the world’s leading source of intelligence and curated lifestyle services for the global premium audience.

Quintessentially provides Colombo’s CEO’s, corporates, property moguls with access to more of what they love and get their invaluable time back.  The dynamic and expert South East Asian team work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year curating one-off, bespoke unparalleled experiences across travel, private aviation, property and education, whilst also tending to daily, practical requests. Accommodating to Members in this way allows a generally more complex lifestyle to be simplified in order to deliver time efficiency and quality. Unlike other concierge services that can recommend the best restaurant, Quintessentially knows the chef, the manager and the best table to sit at, whether it be a Michelin-starred restaurant or a trendy brasserie.

On a more local aspect, Quintessentially organises high scale events that cater to their discerning members and an extended niche market – for instance, the Quintessentially Christmas Atelier is an annual affair which brings together handpicked designers and brands in Colombo in order to provide shoppers with a unique experience, as well as organising personalised private events for Members, with utmost sophistication and attention to detail according to the individual Members’ preferences.

Gardiner invested in the company having recognised the growing opportunities in the luxury hospitality and travel sector and the increasing demand for personalised, memorable experiences.