The Organization of Professional Associations said that although there were retired professionals in the country who would be willing to work for the Government free of charge in an advisory capacity, the State was not making use of the resource.

The Organization has sought a meeting with President Maithripala Sirisena to address how professionals could contribute towards good governance. The Organization is presently engaged in a direct dialogue with the authorities with regard to proposed trade agreements with foreign countries including the controversial Indo-Sri Lanka Economic and Technology Cooperation Agreement and the deals involving the port in Hambantota and land in the area.

President of the Organization, Ruwan Gallage emphasized that any future agreement under any Government should go through a modality and process so that the result is beneficial to the country.

He outlined that professionals, instead of providing a mere opinion on an issue or groping around in the dark should proffer prudent solutions, in particular viable ones to problems.
Reiterating that good governance included aspects of efficiency, effectiveness and participation, Gallage added that good governance was at present being treated as a purely political slogan when in fact good governance required a more professional approach.

“The Government is talking of getting down expatriates working overseas. In our centres, we have 1500 to 2000 professionals including retired ones who would work for the Government. Professionals and the Government should be more proactive and act in a proactive manner. Professionals are separate from politicians and media specialists,” Gallage explained.

(R L J)