Renuka City Hotel recently honoured 46 of its longest serving staff members at a felicitation ceremony held at the hotel. Ravi Thambiayah Chairman of Renuka City Hotels PLC and Renuka Hotels Ltd who has been the driving force of the hotel since its inception in 1972 presented the tokens of appreciation to employees together with the other Directors. This marks the third such occasion where the Hotel has presented long service awards to its staff.

Among those recognized were 28 employees with a service record of over 12 years, who received gold sovereigns. 17 of the 28 employees that received gold sovereigns have served the hotel for over two decades.

A further 18 employees that have served for over six years received gift vouchers. “We focus our training in-house so our associates learn our culture and the art of hospitality from the very beginning. This method directly correlates to their retention,” said Chairman Ravi Thambiayah.

Renuka City Hotel is located in Colombo 3 only minutes away from many of the city’s key attractions and has been a consistently popular and affordable option for tourists and businessmen alike for over four decades. Following its most recent refurbishment and rebranding process, the hotel has once again sky-rocketed in popularity amongst travellers,