Whether some people like it or not, Donald J. Trump was last week sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America.

When Trump ran for President against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – wife of former President Bill Clinton – no one gave him a chance. Even leading figures in his own Republican Party shunned him. Nevertheless, the outspoken billionaire businessman won.

Of course, Trump is no angel. He is vilified for being politically incorrect and for commenting on issues as he sees them. One cannot but disagree with some of his comments of poor taste about women but then, Bill Clinton, for all political correctness and legendary charm, was embroiled in a scandal involving a White House intern. That is hardly being respectful to women, is it?

And, lest we forget, the much hailed John F. Kennedy was renowned as much for his womanising in the White House as much as he was for his statesmanship!

The reason for Trump’s victory at the election was because he pledged to be different. He promised to break the mould of a Washington politician becoming President. For the first time in US history, a person who never held any type of public office ever in the United States is holding the highest public office in the country.

Prior to the election, all opinion polls were tilted heavily in Hillary’s favour. She was not just expected to win, she was expected to romp home comfortably and become the first female President of the United States.

It was well known that during the election campaign, the entire print and electronic media – barring one television network – ganged up against Trump and promoted Hillary Clinton. The other potent weapon in the communications war, social media, was full of content lampooning and ridiculing the challenger of the Establishment.

Ironically, this may have worked in Trump’s favour. The American public, disgusted with politicians ruining their prospects despite being the most powerful country in the world, handed over the reins to the outsider.

Now, unable to stomach the hiding from the American voter and finding it difficult to come to terms with the fact that Trump occupies the Oval Office, the Establishment is striking back, in an unprecedented manner.

The new President has hardly been a day in office, and protest marches are held against him. Surely, he needs time to put his plans into action? As Trump himself asked sarcastically, watching the masses marching against him, ‘why didn’t these people vote?’
Trump’s every move is analysed and scrutinised. His wife Melania is mercilessly put under the spotlight. By far the most beautiful and glamorous First Lady since Jacqueline Kennedy, had she been the wife of any other President, Melania Trump would have been the darling of the media, but that is not so, because she happens to be Trump’s wife.

To cite just one absurd example, when outgoing First Lady Michelle Obama was given a gift by Melania Trump and Michelle Obama scowled, that went viral on social media, with Obama getting the thumbs up for her reaction which was called ‘classy’. One can only imagine the backlash had Melania scowled at a gift given by Michelle – she would have been flayed as being arrogant and snobbish!

This is not to say that Trump is all good and no evil. Whatever he is, he has now just assumed office as the President of the United States and he deserves to be given a chance to prove his credentials. If the American public are dissatisfied, they can kick him out of the Oval Office in 2020.

Unfortunately, the Establishment in Washington has not learnt its lesson. It wants Trump out and it feels it cannot wait for four years. So, it is ranting and raving against the man without giving him a semblance of a chance.

What it is forgetting is that this is precisely what brought him in to power. If the Establishment doesn’t shut up and put up with President Trump, the unthinkable might happen again – Donald Trump might be re-elected in four years’ time!