Good day ladies

With summer, blue skies and gorgeous weather here, I can’t help but fantasize about going on a picnic.  I have a lovely little picnic basket that just hasn’t gotten the use it deserves. As of today, nobody in my life is safe from the possibility of a picnic.

Spreading out a blanket, sitting outside, talking, eating, drinking, and being merry! Picnics are perfect for dates, friends, family or even just yourself. Today it’s going to be about picnic wear. More often than not a picnic is an attempt to be closer to nature and usually turns out to be out of the comfort zone. Therefore, planning plays a vital role to make the most of the
So here goes!

Tea Party
You may have trouble dragging a boy on this picnic.  But a tea-for-two picnic is perfect for you and a good girlfriend.  Wear a pretty frock, floral flats and pearls.  Keep makeup pink and fresh, perfume flowery.  Spread out your blanket, pour some tea, snack of some bite-sized desserts and indulge in some girl talk. If you really don’t have a place to go for a tea and have a breezy picnic, check out a hotel with high tea to get the feels!

Road trip picnic
Imagine driving down a long dirt road until there are no power lines in sight.  Spreading out a cosy flannel blanket, unpacking a simple basket of sandwiches, chips and lemonade and wearing perfectly worn-out boot cut jeans, mocks shoes, a white blouse and feather earrings. Be a summery beauty of just bronzer and Burt’s Bees add on a sweet honeysuckle perfume.  And brown aviators.  The only thing that would complete this idyllic picture would be another tourist suntanned boy teaching you how to do a picnic right and live life fully.


Beach-outfitPicnic at the edge of the woods
This could be done if you are out and about hiking Hantane. Instead of open fields, you could steal away to the edge of the woods.  Spread out a heavy wool blanket and pack a picnic full of campfire basics like
marshmallows, cream crackers, Kandos bars, hot dogs and more.  Dress simple and woodsy in a pair of distressed light-wash jeans, flirty coral tank, lightweight cardigan, turquoise jewellery and flats comfy enough in case an adventure should come up.

Keep makeup light, lips glossy in the firelight, face bronzed and lashes long.  Some greyish taupe nail polish and light fragrance adds just enough of a girly touch to the outdoorsy experience.  If you are camping around in Hantane, this would be possible!

Go to the park
Maybe you’re a city slicker without access to the wilderness, I know I am!  So get dolled up in a pretty mint green dress belted with a brown belt.  Wear it with tall but comfy wedges, a matching necklace and bucket-style straw hat.  Coat your lashes with mascara and swipe on some bright red lipstick.  Hit the town in style with a light picnic lunch to be eaten on a park bench while people-watching behind big, retro sunglasses. And well, while you’d be people-watching, there’ll be quite a number of people watching you. So it’s good to drag a friend along. You never know this country!

Picnic-with-friendsLet’s go to the beach
Spread out a luxuriously soft blanket over the sand and settle down for a light picnic supper of sandwiches, fruit and maybe a little bubbly.  Worn cut-offs a pretty tank, flip flops and lightweight cover-up make for an effortlessly stylish outfit that can handle a little splashing around in the tide.  Accessorize with a dainty gold necklace and big sunglasses.  Be sure to slick on sunscreen, tasty lip balm and a touch of perfume.  Paint your nails a sand-inspired shade of yellow.

Escape to the rooftop for this romantic picnic.  Sleek dark blue boot cut jeans streamline your bottom half all the way down to sparkly gold sandals.  On top wear a simple white tank and flowy sheer blouse with a vintage timepiece necklace.  Brush on a bit of bronzer and wear a golden-rosy lipstick.  Bread, cheese and a good bottle of wine make for a classy evening enjoying the skyline. You are lucky if you have a rooftop. It’s indeed chilly and truly beautiful out there in the night.

Garden, hill just out there
Picnics aren’t just for lazy afternoons or sunsets.  Head out after nightfall with a plush comforter for a blanket, basketful of midnight snacks and wine and a few lanterns with candles.  Spread out on top of a hill where city lights don’t interfere with a starry night’s sky, even your garden would do if you have one. Wear a sleek pair of skinnies, black tank, comfy flats and grey cardigan.

Paint nails an unexpected shade of merlot and be sure to wear a
good-scented bug repellent.  Dark nights are perfect for a smokey eye.  Keep lips soft and natural with a Vaseline.  You’re all set to watch for shooting stars!

It’s truly beautiful and relaxing when you do these picnics, hikes, swimming and going to the beach stuff. It shows you how truly amazing our world is and what a beautiful part we are of it!

Enjoy life girls. Plan a picnic date with anyone you are comfortable in having deep conversations with. Life is mysterious and wonderful.


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