At present in Sri Lanka the importance of family doctors is not realized. People always prefer treatment from specialists. In Western Countries a specialist could be consulted only through family doctor.

I quote below the following benefits:
Family Doctor will have the knowledge about the patient for a long time and could easily diagnose the problem.

A better understanding exists between the patient and the doctor. This is essential for the treatment.

Family Doctors (MBBS) are available in plenty and therefore consultation is simple. Long awaited appointments are not necessary.

Family Doctors usually charge a nominal fee when compared with specialists. No additional payment has to be made to the private hospitals for appointments.

Extended tests need not be done at the start itself. However, family doctor will suggest such additional tests if necessary.

Family Doctors could be contacted immediately over the telephone in case of an emergency. He will direct you suitably.

Family Doctor would refer his patients to a suitable specialist when specilised diagnosis and treatment is required. They have better knowledge. Even after a major treatment or operation family doctor could continue with the follow up treatment.

Family Doctors spend more time on their patients. Regrettably some specialists take less than five minutes due to heavy demand on their time.  Family Doctor is considered as poor man’s doctor. It is always easy to obtain certificates from family doctors early. Insurance claim declaration,etc, etc could be submitted early.

Family doctor’s evidence in Courts is considered as material and important. Investigation could be carried out on their evidence.
BSc. FCA, FCMA (Sri Lanka)
Colombo 6.