The Education Ministry has suspended the services of seven officials of the interview board and the appeal board in charge of grade one admission to the Royal College.

The Ministry has taken the decision considering the findings of the report by a Special Investigation Committee which investigated the matter.

The Ministry had appointed the Special Investigation Committee, after it had received many complaints of malpractices and irregularities in the grade one admissions to the school.

The main Interview Board included a deputy principal, an assistant principal and a teacher: all are from the same school.

The Appeal Board was represented by a principal from a government school in Kelaniya, another deputy from a girls’ school in Bambalapitiya and two others. Minister Akila Viral Kariyawasam said that that the Ministry had received complaints about another 15 schools and those cases will also be investigated soon.

The Ministry has further suspended the service of a miner employee of the Royal College as produced fraud documents to admit his son to the school where he works.