Nintendo Switch
Nintendo is hoping that its newest console ‘Nintendo Switch’ is a hit, and has confirmed its price point as well as the date it will be released. The console aims to be a versatile device, functioning as a regular console as well as a hand-held portable gaming tablet. Despite doubts about the lack of mainstream games available to play on the Switch, it has been sold out and unable to pre-order.
The next Zelda game titled Breath of the Wild has also been scheduled to be released at the same time, March 3, 2017. The game is the first open world Zelda game and promises to be a sprawling game that will be a change of pace for Zelda fans.


As the tenure of President Obama comes to an end, many in America tuned in to watch his final address and comment on his legacy. Conversation about the POTUS dominated Twitter, with up to nine trending hashtags featuring the President. Thousands tweeted and retweeted, some with thanks, others with moving gifs of people crying, still others asking for four years more, as the crowd themselves had chanted during the speech. Multiple celebrities reached out on various social media platforms to show their support and sadness.

A video of the Hamilton cast singing ‘One Last Time’ at the White House, which in the musical is sung by George Washington as he prepares to step down was released to much acclaim. Some also criticised him, looking forward to the inauguration of POTUS Donald Trump, even as CNN and Buzzfeed released hints of varying veracity regarding a Russian scandal involving Trump.
Obama’s speech was a call for unitedness and he invoked Democracy about twenty times. He also called his wife Michelle, his best friend and she and their two daughters were seen to be crying even as he himself shed a few tears. He finished the speech with the request “I am asking you to believe. Not in my ability to bring about change — but in yours.”



Sherlock leak
BBC’s Sherlock, one of the most popular TV series on the air, had its season four finale and possibly it’s last ever episode air last week. The ending was not without controversy as the episode was leaked before it was aired. Originating from a state broadcaster in Russia, the episode titled The Final Problem was released online a day before the episode was released. The BBC stated that they would investigate the leak to find out if it was deliberate or not. Meanwhile, producer Sue Vertue tweeted that fans should avoid spoilers because of the illegally uploaded episode. Fans and critics alike were sharply divided on the merits of the episode itself. Hyped as it was as a ground-breaking piece of television by show creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, but after an uneven first two episodes, the finale had a lot to live up to.

Many called it illogical and full of plot holes, a pity when the show in question is about logic and reasoning. Others said the characterisation was off, from new villains to even the title character himself. The treatment of its female characters was disappointing as well, as many were reduced to tropes. The episode was not without its epic moments however, as some fan loved characters make brief returns and the plot is grandiose and, with a willing suspension of disbelief, engaging. However it seems that the iconic fandom is ultimately divided about the ending of their beloved show.



A Series of Unfortunate Events
Lemony Snicket’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ is a children’s series that runs to 13 books, and is loved by adults as much as the children for whom it was intended. The series, written by Daniel Handler, was picked up by Netflix for a series. The first four books are handled in two episodes each, leaving each book’s plot to unfold nicely, in contrast to the three books worth of story that was crammed into the previous movie.

The show has received good reviews so far, with acclaimed Neil Patrick Harris in the lead role of villainous Count Olaf. Patrick Warburton is Lemony Snicket, an interesting addition as he appears to give the audience wry commentary in the manner of his role as narrator in the book. The series both closely follows the books as well as updates the series, treading the thin line between faithfulness to the source material with respect for the new medium which it is now using.