Trishaw drivers last week complained of the lack of parking slots and groups who extort money from them to park in certain places.

The Lanka Self-Employed Persons’ Association said that the main issues faced by three-wheeler drivers were the lack of parking spaces or stands and the existence of societies which fleeced money from three-wheel drivers for parking.

Chairman of the Association, Sunil Jayawardena said that the Transport Ministry had turned a blind eye to the matter despite concerns being raised regarding it and brought to his notice.
The Association called for all three-wheel drivers to be officially registered and be given legitimacy.

He added that the Association had lodged a complaint with the Inspector General of Police with regard to the monies being extorted from three-wheel drivers by fellow three-wheel drivers who form societies for the purpose of maintaining a parking space or what is commonly known as a three-wheel stand for which any driver wanting to park his three-wheeler has to make a certain payment.

Their financial situation is such, they are engaged in a daily struggle for survival to earn their keep their livelihood as they find it hard to pay the amounts demanded by these societies, according to Jayawardena.