Our body is a very efficient laboratory. We can make use of for various purposes. Actually, we are operating this laboratory without thinking about it.

We have a thermometer in our body. We can touch a glass of water and find out whether the water is hot or cold. This is done in our laboratory.

We can find the smell of a flower. We have equipment in our body to identify the smell of an item.

We can find the hardness of something. We can touch a piece of bread and find out it is soft or hard. We have a hardness-measuring tool in our body.

If we touch a rubber ball, we can roughly measure the pressure of air inside the ball. We feel the pressure. We have a pressure measuring equipment in our body.

We can use our mouth and find out something is bitter or sweet.  We have equipment to identify taste in our laboratory.
We can observe certain things very carefully. We have a telescope or a microscope in our body.

We can observe something and make note of it. We have a camera in our body.

This shows that we have a very efficient and useful laboratory in our body. Please use this laboratory to help or protect others. Never use this laboratory to harm others or destroy others.