Kandy SC back at their very best

Hats off to Kandy Sports Club. They beat the high-riding Navy Sports Club in the second  round inter-club league rugby match at the Nittawella Grounds last Sunday. They pocketed 50 points against 22. The defending champions totally deserved the win with their excellent performance with the ball It was the forwards who clicked and made it a good game of rugby. They totally outplayed the Navy SC with their heart and conviction and   lived up to their hard-earned reputation in the current league rugby calendar.  As usual, the second half was entirely ran by them. This was the third consecutive win in the second round with a remarkable performance.

Kandy SC’s scrum half, captain Roshan Weerarthne was in top form, an led the side well, but had to leave the field in the second half due to  a shoulder injury, then  the return of   Fazil Marija was excellent; he did his best and handled the ball well, then the forwards Buwaneka Udangamuwa, Shehan Pathirane, Damith Dissanayake and Sayru Anthony did their part well, with fullback  Thilina Wijasinghe using his boot well in goal kicking.
This game was about Kandy Sports Club, Let’s face it, they played a superior brand of rugby. When the dust settles, this performance should light the way for how rugby should be played. This was non-stop handling, support, recycling. Who wins the league is not important, it was nice to see good rugby they showed how the game rugby should be played in style. The Sailors, on and off, did their best but were simply outclassed.  Kandy Sports Club is the deserving winners. Let’s congratulate them. They never know when to stop. I was watching the game with the former Kandy SC skipper Iswan Omar, who came out to say that the Kandy Sports Club game was mouth-watering and the team has improved physically with power in the second round significantly with a refined style of play to the likes of all the rugby fans and spectators. For the Sailors, a lot of experienced players let them down. What I said to him was the White Shirts played well and the right team won. Kandy SC win all three games in the 2nd round and now stand next to Navy SC in the points table with great hopes to getting to the top spot sooner.  And that’s that. Then at the 80th minute of the game,  whistle of the Australian referee  Sam  George Jones  goes, and  Kandy Sports Club  win their  3rd second round match  in a row.

In this game, it  proved beyond any doubt that it is the right choice as referee did a good job, refereeing rugby   often have a difficult job, not like other sports,  laws  at times be very complicated and are subject to constant reviews. It was Sam George Jones first overseas and a major game in refereeing; he has done mostly school matches in Perth.  He is a member of the Western Australian Rugby Union Referees Association and a student of the University of Western Australia.  Speaking to me, he said both sides played a good game and the wining team forwards were in peak from, due to this they won and were able to score points.

And further he said that the wining team played to their skill levels and that too in style they wanted, but that was simply because the forwards were together won good ball and fed their three quarters to score. I told him that as for me, the best referees were the fittest ones, the ones who got to every breakdown and stood over it, not refereeing from a distance, he said that is a good wording and said he enjoyed the game. Today, according to the Referees’ Society, except Kandy SC and CH & FC all other clubs have asked for foreign referees.