A second year undergraduate in Peradeniya University, who defied ragging has been assaulted by a group of undergraduates who promote ragging. The assaulted undergraduate was admitted to the hospital. The assaulted undergraduate is a son of a high court judge.

If this happened to an ordinary poor student there will be no inquiries and protests like this. Every possible thing should be done to stop this crime. Most of the victims of ragging are students coming from poor families and rural schools.

The country is undergoing a bad period with lot of political and economic problems. Even there is a drought in the country, which can cause severe problems to millions of people. So the young generation should be aware of this situation and should not create any further problems.

Ragging is an animal hidden instinct. The urge to dominate the neighbour. They want respect from juniors. They want to show that they are the seniors.

We like to indicate the following related to ragging.
Ragging is a crime. Do not engage in it or support it. Even petty ragging is against fundamental human rights. There needs to be zero tolerance for any form of ragging.

Being seniors does not give anyone right to pull up others for anything. If you see any ragging, immediately inform authorities or the Police.

We recommend the government and the University authorities to give maximum possible punishment to anyone engaged in ragging.