To promote any sport in Kandy, Kandy’s mentality needs to be changed towards sports, sport persons and maybe life.  Life is not about getting good grades, getting good positions as office bearers and live a so called settled- sports promoters. Number of up-and-coming young  sportsmen  and women  are plenty, but what they lack is proper organising and facilities. Being a sport person demands continuous practice. But in Kandy, there is no proper sports grounds, so that it is difficult for an average sportsman to devote his 100 per cent in sports. Due to these shortcomings, eventually, the sports-loving men and women lose interest in the process and a talented sport person is lost.  We need to change our approach towards sports in order to promote sports in Kandy. People who know the game should take up office, not for name sake and to make a name, even the controlling bodies are not keen to do it in the correct way, because they are also in need of these people for their elections for voting.