Prefer a walk to a nearby destination rather than getting stuck in traffic? Would you rather take the stairs instead of the elevator? Do you try your best to get in a small walk daily for exercise? If so, then the AIA Vitality programme, is just what you need, to make walking even better Asia’s leading insurer AIA’s ‘Vitality programme’ is the newest, most rewarding wellness platform in Sri Lanka, aimed at making Sri Lankans healthier, one step at a time. It’s a first of its kind, science-backed wellness programme that provides participants with the knowledge, tools and motivation to improve their health.

It’s an easy-to-use application which you can download for free from the Google play-store or the Apple app-store. Once you register, it lets you calculate your Vitality age (body age), but, be warned, you may be older than you expect! You will be given ‘step targets’ to earn ‘vitality points’ and if you achieve your targets, AIA will reward you. You can work-out in the gym, run or the easiest thing to do is just walk.

AIAWhy does AIA reward you for being active? It’s no secret that unhealthy lifestyle choices and insufficient exercise is the leading cause for non-communicable diseases (NCD) in Sri Lanka, triggering over 70% of deaths in the country (Sri Lanka Health Ministry). More disturbingly, an astounding 95% of Sri Lankans acknowledge that there are definitely things they can do to improve their health but only 8% have taken major steps towards healthy living! (AIA Healthy Living Index 2016) So we can agree that whilst Sri Lankans have a high awareness of the importance of healthy living, we are not really doing much about it.

AIA is committed to help people live, longer, healthier and better lives. And what better way to start than by encouraging people to get active, exercise and be conscious of their health. The globally renowned wellness programme uses extensive science backed research in behavioural economics and health incentives. Their research shows that incentives can work to nudge people towards adopting and sustaining healthier behaviours.

CEO Pankaj Banerjee commented, “We are excited to launch AIA Vitality in Sri Lanka, which is proven to work, evidenced by the tremendous success that it has enjoyed in the other AIA markets. As the Real Life Company, we care about your well-being. AIA is constantly looking for ways to help you live longer, healthier, better- so all of us can make the most of our lives and be there for those that matter the most to us.”