Golden Globes Meryl Streep’s speech
The Golden Globes took place over the weekend sparking a lot of news that trended on social media. ‘Westwood’ actress Evan Rachel Wood wore a suit to the awards ceremony. Though she was neither the first woman to do so or even the only woman wearing a suit at the ceremony (Octavia Spencer was dressed in a blue suit as well), her outspoken reason for doing so has many commenting on it.

She pointed out that while she was not protesting dresses, she wanted young girls to know that they had more to offer than pretty dresses. The star was nominated for an award and promises to turn heads every time she hits the red carpet this season as she has vowed to wear a suit at all appearances, also as a means of honouring David Bowie and Marlene Dietrich.

La La Land swept up all the awards it was nominated for, including best musical or comedy film, best director, screenplay, score and song with stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling winning in their respective categories. The song writing pair Benj Pasek and Justin Paul were overjoyed when they leapt to the stage to accept their award, dedicating it to “musical theatre nerds everywhere.”
Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig’s did the introduction for best animated feature and were easily involved in the most comic moment of the night. ‘Black-ish’ star Tracee Ellis Ross’s acceptance speech was dedicated to “all of the women, women of colour and colourful people whose stories, ideas and thoughts are not always considered worthy and valid and important.”

The most talked about even of the night, however, was Meryl Streep’s speech. While accepting a lifetime achievement award, the actress who has won three Oscars and eight Golden Globe awards, never mentioned Trump by name, but proceeded to say how she was saddened by the way he had mocked disabled reporter Serge Kovaleski.

Streep continued to say that Hollywood, whom she pointed out was inundated with foreigners and people born outside of America, should stand up against bullies. She received a standing ovation as she left the stage and many in the audience were visibly moved. Donald Trump took to Twitter shortly after to call Streep an “overrated” actress and a sore loser for being a Hillary Clinton supporter.

A debate sparked online over whether celebrities, known mainly for their roles in the arts, should voice their opinions about politics. Some argued that the arts are politicised anyway, and that an actor’s personal social media accounts can be used in any way they like.

Ed Sheeran is back with ÷ (Divide)

After a year’s break to travel and write music, Ed Sheeran is back with two singles that managed to break a Spotify record. ‘Castle on the Hill’ and ‘Shape of You’ mar Ed’s return and are taken from his upcoming album ÷ (Divide). The hashtag #WelcomeBackEd began trending on twitter as many fans were excited for new
music from the artist.

Sheeran, who is Irish, said that he’ll have a traditional Irish song that he wrote in collaboration with Irish trad band Beoga. His singles are charting at 1 and 2 in the UK and when combined, are doing better than the entire top 20 list combined. Both songs also broke the record for most streamed songs in a single day on Spotify, each garnering two million more streams than the previous One Direction record. Sheeran said that he had previously wanted to release the tracks sooner but had delayed, thus deciding to release two at once, and that he had taken to playing the track to strangers in bars.


Twitter bans Shkreli

Lauren Duca, freelance reporter who made news when she wrote an incendiary article for Teen Vogue about the Trump administration and was mocked on television for having a political opinion while she also writes about thigh high boots, was subject to harassment on Twitter by Martin Shkreli who is best known for being the man who bought an anti-parasitic drug and then raised the price immensely so as to make a profit.

Shkreli photo shopped his face onto photographs of Duca and her husband and invited her to be his date to Trump’s inauguration. He also egged on his followers to do so resulting in Duca reaching out to twitter’s CEO who promptly banned Shkreli from Twitter. With cases of online abuse becoming more and more frequent, Twitter has been advised to update their policies so as to prevent this happening to people on a daily basis.