Having a baby is a beautiful experience which is met with a lot of mixed emotions. As a new mother, you may have many questions regarding your baby’s growth and sometimes maybe oblivious to the changes that are taking place in your baby. While routine visits to the doctor or advice from your mother and friends might give you varying opinions which leaves you in confusion, the next alternative you tend to turn to is online forums and websites, to search for explanations on pregnancy and how to become a better parent to your toddler.

While there are many websites that provide information on parenting and childcare, most of these are foreign sites that are challenging to adapt to as they do not address matters from a Sri Lankan context.

Identifying this need in Sri Lanka, Pears Baby Launched Sri Lanka’s first-ever trilingual web portal on parenting sharing a wealth of knowledge to address the concerns of local mothers. The website has been developed with the expert opinions of doctors, mothers and other specialists on the topic and is an assured, up-to-date and reliable source of information that all parents can resort to.

“We realized that Sri Lanka did not have an all in one web portal that provided information on how to prepare for pregnancy, what physical and mental changes a mother would experience during the three trimesters of pregnancy, how to care for your new born and have sufficient information on what to expect during the first 6 years of your child’s life. Before laying out this website we researched about many parenting websites and were able to design this web portal to international standards while remaining locally relevant to our audience,” said Rehani Barsenbach , Senior Brand Manager, Pears Unilever Sri Lanka.