The Transport Ministry last week ruled out a possibility of a Public-Private Partnership model for the country’s transportation system and confirmed that the Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) would continue to be completely State-owned.

The State owns 40% of the public transport sector in terms of the number of buses while the balance is from the private sector’s fleet.

The Ministry of Transport also said that there was already a clear policy in this regard.

Secretary to the Ministry of Transport, Nihal Somaweera said that there would be no public-private partnership in relation to the SLTB.

Previously, the Secretary of the All Ceylon Private Bus Association, Anjana Priyanjith had called for SLTB to be terminated as the provision of the service was taking place at present incurring the wasteful expenditure of public taxpayers’ money.

According to Priyanjith, following the closure of the SLTB, the Government should take steps to acquire private buses to the fleet as it would result in a saving for the Government. He also explained that SLTB buses and private buses should be operated on a scheduled joint timetable. The Association also opposed recent Governmental moves to import buses.

Somaweera acknowledged that the SLTB could not manage well on the funds received from the Treasury.