‘Style is a way to say who you are without
having to speak.’
~ Rachel Zoe

It is a style that we should choose for ourselves; which reflects our personality and the vibe we want to have with us and give out to the world. Every time you want go out, you always feel you don’t have clothes, don’t you?

Reason being; you don’t have clothes. No, honestly if you feel you don’t, then you don’t. The reason for this is you don’t know what you like and you choose all the wrong pieces and stack them in your wardrobe, then you keep crying about how you ‘don’t have clothes’. There we go, problem identified.

How do you solve it? Easy! Get some inspiration on stuff you would like to wear and when you go shopping try them on. If they suit you, then you are good to go. If not, first learn to love your body the way it is and treat it well and dress it up with what flatters you the most and keep you happy. Take a genuine friend who has an eye for good clothes with you, when you go shopping.

Today we are here to discuss what we can wear when we go out with our friends. It isn’t that hard because they are your friends and aren’t going to judge you even if you come along with your PJs. But the thing is growing up does this amazing thing to people, it’s called self-consciousness, therefore people tend to dress up, plus there are people who judge you for what you wear.

The best advice I can give you is; wear anything that makes you happy and comfortable, which also suits the place you are going to.

Here are a few guidelines
1. Don’t be over-dressed. Keep it casual.
2. Always choose clothes that are comfy.
3. Choose statement pieces of clothing that elevate your look.
4. Minimum jewellery.

Jeans and leggings
Since you are going for a casual look, jeans and leggings are a good option. As I always say, choose the jean which flatters your body shape, because fashion is all about being confident.

If you live in Colombo and constantly travel by a vehicle and not public transport, shorts are a good option. Shorts are available in different colours and lengths; you have the liberty to choose what you like.

The length of the skirt can vary with your liking and your body structure. High waist, A-line, maxi skirts are choices you can try out. Even denim skirts which are just above your knee would be very causal.

Matching is the key concern here. You could match up a nice sleeveless shirt along with a short. Try a sweater with a legging, a silk top with jeans or skirt. Maybe a skinny with blue denim jeans would do wonders too.

Go for very casual dresses. Cotton printed dresses would be suitable. Sweater dresses, maxi dresses, summer dresses and A-line short dresses would look fabulous too.

If you are the loafers, sneakers kind of gal you could sport it even with a matching dress. If not sandals with a heel or even flats would be nice. Flip flops would be great depending on the outfit.

Have a nice hang-bag, whether it’s a tote, sling bag or backpack; you need a good one. Hoop earrings are ideal for a very minimalistic jewellery outfit or go for studs. A watch and shades would elevate your look. You will look like a million dollar baby with few adjustments to your wardrobe and not spending too much to get few statement pieces.

Get outfit inspiration by checking on Pinterest or Tumblr, but here’s the deal; you aren’t going to drool over the slim bodies and start hating yourself, you’re just going to check out the outfits. Check out plus sized fashion if you are a little bit on the heavy side. We are all blessed with great bodies; we just need to wear the correct outfit to look fantabulous.

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