Society for Rugby Football Referees in Sri Lanka (SRFRSL) Nizam Jamaldeen said that the Sports Minister has promised to supply the referees with communication sets and that once they are received the society’s members will be better geared at matches.

Equipment such as communication sets (better known as com sets) are just what’s needed because at present the referee, who is in the thick of things, prefers all possible support to make correct calls and speed up decision making.

He praised the decision taken by the SLR to introduce the Television Match Referee (TMO) to the game beginning this season.

“In future we should have a giant screen where the review of a certain incident can be witnessed by spectators too,” said Jamaladeen.

SRFRSL President Nizam Jamaldeen
SRFRSL President Nizam Jamaldeen

However, Jamaldeen said that spectators should not criticize referees for every little flaw and said, “Referees in other countries make mistakes despite aided by com sets and the TMO”.

Jamaldeen said that he wished to see a future where the referee also earns a substantial income by officiating games. He said that the referee like a  every player was now expected to be more committed to the game. “In this aspect, I don’t see why a referee should get paid any less than a player because both the referee and the player are so important to the game,” he opined.

Jamaldeen made these comments to Weekend Nation a few days before the first ever Colours Night for referees which was scheduled to be held in Colombo on January 13. Many past presidents and outstanding members of the SRFRSL have received invitations for this event which is sponsored by Dialog.

He also said that the Annual General Meeting of the SRFRSL has been scheduled for January 14.

He accepted the fact that there was dearth of referees in the country and that events like a Colours Night for referees will help influence new blood to muscle the referees’ society.