The government launched a propaganda hype that it slashed the prices of 48 essential drugs recently. Alas, when I went to buy my monthly prescription drugs at the main Osu Sala pharmacy, the bill was about Rs.300 higher than the previous month bill minus one drug. When I asked the pharmacist how come the bill was gone exorbitantly up his reply was that one drug made by the State Pharmaceutical Corporation was out of stock and given me an imported substitute drug which was expensive. To add insult to injury one commonly used drug in the prescription was out of stock and I was asked to buy it from a private pharmacy.

Poor patients go to Osu Sala to buy less expensive quality drugs for which purpose it was established. The authorities should have stocked sufficient stocks of frequently demanded drugs without dispensing expensive imported drugs thereby exploiting the poor patients. Or is it an artificial scarcity created to earn commissions?

But think of massive government funds wasted on propaganda to crow about lessened drug prices to fool the public. Maybe only the advertising agencies were the ultimate beneficiaries of this gimmick.

A disappointed patient