There has been an increase reported in the number of patients suffering from chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology (CKDu) in the Uva Province in areas such as Mahiyanganaya and Girandurukotte.

The relevant authorities are conducting blood tests with the view to identifying those who have yet to be identified as patients suffering from CKDu.

Governor of the Uva Province, MP Jayasinghe pointed out that people in mountainous and hilly regions in the Province were using water which naturally flowed in from such areas where water has contained traces of fertilizer and agrochemicals.

Rideemaliyadda, Moneragala, Badulla, Wellawaya and Diyatalawa are also similarly impacted, according to Jayasinghe.

“The agricultural industry is found in areas such as Welimada and Uva Paranagama which are populated by farmers and farms including jungle (Chena) cultivations where vegetables such as potatoes are grown,” Jayasinghe said.

He pointed out that certain residents lacked the economic
essentials to obtain clean water while others were ignorant about the importance of using clean water and how to purify water while addressing issues pertaining to clean water.

Jayasinghe explained that moves to introduce dialysis units and machines for use in domestic settings in houses are
presently at a discussion stage.

(RL J)