Consultant community physicians have warned of an increase in specific health concerns such as influenza virus transmissions due to the prevalent cold climate weather.

President of the Perinatal Society of Sri Lanka and National Programme Manager – Maternal and Child Morbidity and Mortality Surveillance Unit of the Family Health Bureau of the Ministry of Health, Consultant Community Physician, Dr. Kapila Jayaratne said that the symptoms were flu, low immunity, rhinorrhea or runny nose, common cold, sneezing, cough, and respiratory diseases such as bronchial asthma or wheezing and fever.

The Department of Meteorology too has announced that January would have the lowest temperature, high humidity and dry weather, especially during the night and the morning.

Most vulnerable groups include children, the elderly, pregnant mothers and people with chronic diseases. It is important to dress properly in order to combat the cold and this is particularly true of new born babies who need to stay warm as they cannot tolerate the cold temperatures. He also highlighted the importance of maintaining personal hygiene.