Cinnamon Grand, Cinnamon Lakeside and Cinnamon Red have adapted the latest digital revolution, Flixel for their marketing campaign – a first for hotels in the country.

Flixel, also known as ‘living photos’ uses an innovative application that merges still and videography together to produce unique cinemagraphs which appeal to the many followers on social media platforms. A still image with just one element moving, this creates a unique experience for the viewer.

With the use of this app, hotels have created a new encounter for their faithful patrons on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Plus. An initiative by the Marketing Communications Team of the Cinnamon’s City Hotels sector, the campaign was introduced during the festive season. The hotels have received great feedback for their productions and are set to dominate the field in the future.

The inclusion of Flixel to the hotels’ digital marketing campaign comes at a time where the changes in social media take place almost on a daily basis. Most social networks commenced with text, moved to photography, and then to allow HD video as a means of expression. Video breaks limitations and tells visual stories in a way that text and photos never could.

With auto-play videos now becoming the norm, Flixel which enables micro-videos that tells stories, holds attention, engages and ‘wow’s the crowd – aspects that are vital in marketing has become part of the Cinnamon’s city hotels marketing campaign.

For Flixel videos, follow Cinnamon Grand, Cinnamon Lakeside and Cinnamon Red on Facebook and/or Instagram. Cinnamon Grand could be accessed through or cinnamongrandcolombo on Instagram, Cinnamon Lakeside on or cinnamonlakeside and Cinnamon Red on and cinnamonredcmb.