Leading swimwear manufacturer Linea Aqua (Pvt) Ltd announced its latest landmark accomplishment in the field of environmental sustainability through obtaining WaterNeutral Certification for its Hanwella Factory, thereby making it the first apparel manufacturing facility in the world to have achieved this status.

Water Neutrality is a novel concept first coined by the Water Footprint Network of the Netherlands – a non-profit, multi-stakeholder, global organisation, in collaboration with the University of Twente, which was further customised by The Sustainable Future Group (SFG) taking into account other published global concepts in developing its WaterNeutral certification. The theory behind it is based on achieving the maximum, reasonably possible reduction of a business entity’s fresh water consumption by means of reusing and recycling water. Another important requirement of this certification is the reasonable, responsible and effective investment(s) into projects aimed toward improving sustainable and equitable use of water.

Commenting on the historic occasion at the official handover ceremony, Sarinda Unamboowe, outgoing CEO/Managing Director of Linea Aqua (Pvt) Ltd who initiated the project remarked, “Linea Aqua has always placed sustainability at the forefront of its business operations and this latest initiative is no different. We pledge to become the first-ever WaterNeutral® apparel manufacturer in the world, and we hope that our efforts towards reducing our operational Water Footprint would set a precedent within the industry.”

The Hanwella Factory has been systematically monitoring, mitigating, and replenishing its overall water consumption over a period of three years through exhaustive Water Footprint Assessments and Water Audits, conducted for its operations by an independent sustainability solutions provider – The Carbon Consulting Company – the results of which have been further verified by SFG prior to certifying the factory as WaterNeutral.

This significant achievement of Linea Aqua further showcases the company’s commitment towards becoming a more sustainable business entity in Sri Lanka. Already equipped with SFG’s proprietary- conscious range certifications for Carbon, Water, Waste and Biodiversity, they have also planted one thousand native and endemic trees in a unique reforestation project known as the ‘Hiniduma Bio-link’, aimed at conserving the last remaining rainforest patches of Sri Lanka.