1. They say vague things like “I want to make sure you and Fernando are working collaboratively as you begin to share your responsibilities with him.”

2. They freeze you out, and cut off communication with you.

3. They start to refer to you as a ‘high-priced’ or ‘expensive’ staff member — even making jokes about your lofty salary level.

4. They make ominous remarks about how it’s very hard for them to balance their budget, and how cutbacks may soon be required.
5. They stop talking about your future with the company.

6. They don’t give you plum projects. They put you on the least-interesting assignments they’ve got, hoping you’ll get disgusted and leave.

7. They needle you about tiny mistakes (or imaginary ones).

8. They write you up or put you on probation for flimsy reasons.

9. They say negative things about you behind your back.

10. They assign you to train other people on your responsibilities.