Some of the Kandy schoolboys have played   their first game of the year.  Specially, cricket has always played a large part in the life of school -children with the inter-school matches. Whatever the secret, all Kandy schools have produced good cricketers who have made their country, schools, parents and themselves proud.  Today, the biggest problem in Kandy is that schools like Vidyartha, St. Sylvester’s, Sri Sumangala, Sri Rahula and Kingwood lack grounds for their matches. Pallekelle Stadium was built to promote cricket, but sad to say, it is only used for international games. At one time, the Peradeniya University Ground helped schools but now it is not like the good old days.

The only venue which has helped many schools, then and now, is the Police Grounds which has a matting wicket. Most of the schools today go for turf wickets. Schools that don’t have this facility go out of Kandy to play matches. Unlike most other popular sports, cricket generates interest in all schools, and the most looked forward matches among schools over here are the big match and the traditional games. Today most of the schools don’t come out with the fixture cards because some schools suffer without grounds.

To play cricket, you need to be fit and strong and have a good hand-eye coordination and ball-handling skills. Cricket involves sprinting between wickets and running to stop balls, as well as bowling and throwing. Fitness is more important than talent in cricket.   Sri Lanka Cricket talks so much of development in the entire Island but confines only to the cities as that is the place where sponsors are and money in the talking.

It’s sad that the schools association for cricket does not see this and work alongside with the district/provincial unions who have sufficient funds allocated for development of cricket. Cricket is a demanding sport that requires great technical skill, strength of character, concentration, commitment and physical endurance.  All schools aim to produce well-rounded young cricketers and provide maximum enjoyment for all involved and showing respect for each other, promoting the values of team work, co-operation and leadership.

Dharmaraja College opened this year with a match against St. Mary’s College, Kegalle and Trinity College against Richmond College. Kingswood College opened with Thakishila College, Horana ,  St. Sylvester’s College  played   Moratuwa V idyalaya.  Vidyartha  College’s  first game will be  with Kalutara MV,and still the date has been not fixed. St. Anthony’s College first game will be with Royal College. Schools like Wariyapola  Sri Sumangala College , Sri Rahula College,  Nugawella Central , Madena Central College , Walala A Ratnayake Central College, Azar College  and Galagedera Central College, still these schools have to  confirmed  the playing dates.