With the dawn of a new year, Brand Ambassador Mr. England 2015 Christopher Bramell is taking Sri Lanka’s international brand, Envoy London,  to new heights by offering a clientele in England, an exclusive, made-to-measure and Bespoke menswear collection including an array of casual and formal fashion staples, ceremonial wear and accessories .
“We have always been committed to taking local menswear to the international fashion arena and having Bramell propel this brand enabled us to truly put Sri Lankan menswear on the global fashion map,” said Fouzul Hameed, Managing Director of Hameedia.

“The premier brand of Hameedia, Envoy London is intended for the individual who wants to make an impression and set himself apart from the ordinary. Made using the finest fabrics and superior craftsmanship, Envoy London embodies the definition of sartorial excellence and is the first local menswear brand to venture overseas with local resources”, Hameed added.

Envoy London recently provided the finalists of the Mr. England competition with stylish, specially-designed attire for the grand finale of the pageant, which took place in Coventry, United Kingdom. For the finale, Mr. England finalists took to the runway in a range of exquisitely designed ceremonial suits from the Envoy London collection which featured three unique looks and styles.