A reporter in South Florida witnessed a large python battling an alligator while on a bike ride in a nature preserve in the Everglades. Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post spotted the epic battle between the gator and the approximately 15-foot long Burmese python after hearing several loud splashes while biking in the Big Cypress National Preserve west of Miami.

“Right there, just off the edge of Loop Road an alligator was rising tail first and belly up over the surface of the water and then plunging back down. It was clear it was moving against its will.
Then, as the gator rolled over and sank, something else came into view: the muscular coils of a very large snake,” Capozzi wrote. “It was a sight that’s rarely witnessed in the wild – an alligator being attacked by a Burmese Python,” he wrote. The encounter Capozzi witnessed appeared to go favourably for the python as the lengthy snake coiled around the gator as it seemingly ended the ten minute scuffle by squeezing the gator to death.