Although Kandy has several sports bodies that need to get actively involved at the highest levels, the urgent need is proper ground facilities. During the time when the Bogambara Stadium was under the Municipal Council and under sports-loving Mayors, sports flourished in Kandy mainly due to the ground fee levied being affordable. The respective sports bodies were able to pocket out the ground fee, but today the ground fee is 20 times more than what it was under the Management of Sugathadasa Stadium and the one and only public ground in Kandy is Bogamabara which is badly maintained.

Rugby referees, some of the referees, who hail from Kandy have decided, like in the past, to form the Kandy Rugby Referees Association and give a hand in whistling. All the major sports like football, cricket, table and lawn tennis, boxing, hockey, etc., too should follow and  produce  some top  officials.