We’ve stepped in to a whole new year and the truth is that nothing has changed! It’s the same old everything. But what you can do is, have a whole new outlook and attitude towards life. Initiate practise healthy and good habits. Be more kind and giving, act more responsible, spend more time with family, there’s so much of room for improvement! And ladies, practice makes perfect.

You can also try a new outlook on yourself. Learn to keep yourself hygienic and neat. Iron your clothes and wash them regularly. All of us need personal hygiene that’s a must before any fashion is concerned.

Today it’s all about how we can dress for College or University. Now here’s the thing. State universities have their fair share of ragging and sometimes commands the ladies what to wear. In those cases, well try to enjoy what you’ve got, if it’s going to be long skirts find the best you can and sport it well. Other than that well let’s talk about what we can work with to dress for college.

The main thing in college is not dressing up and it should not be the priority but it should be one of the things you should be concerned with. After all you are presenting yourself to the colleagues in your future profession.

One main reason you have to be concerned about what you wear for college or University is to give due respect to the Professors who come to teach. Isn’t it unfair to look like you’ve just got out of bed when they put the effort to dress up for you?

1. It is very important to be decent because college is most certainly not    a fashion show or a club.

2. Be modest and down to earth in attire

3. Minimum jewellery

4. A good pair of shoes for daily wear and an elegant pair of shoes for days that need be.

Here we go!
1.  Girly
I’ve given an outfit here where she is wearing a sweater with an A-line skirt. This outfit is very preppy and decent. She has paired it with sneakers and very minimal jewellery but a very decent bag. This outfit is all about looking cheerful, girly and decent. The skirt length is a little too short for a country like ours because people are very judgemental and you will look out of place. Therefore length being a little longer would be perfect.

2. Comfy
Leggings along with a comfy sweater won’t go wrong. Pair it with a cute pair of sneakers and you are good to go. Make sure the attire is ironed and washed; combine the legging with a matching sweater and shoes. This is extremely comfy and you do not have to worry about the way you sit when it comes to this outfit since you are fully covered and very decent. Minimum jewellery is the key for a less bling look and to fit in to the environment of the college.

3. Casual
This outfit is about pairing the right top with jeans. Any type of jean which suits your figure would do to look casual. It’s better if the top is not a crop top since its college and not a fashion show. Cotton shirts, in white and checked patterns would be very decent and appropriate. If you are in to sweaters, match the colour to your liking. Pair the outfit with a great set of shoes, not fancy heels but a good leather shoe or sneakers, up to you really. Remember people who judge, check out your shoes and finger nails to check your hygiene,
so it’s a must.

4. Presentation Day
Add a blazer to your outfit as it would elevate the look and add a professional aura to it. Tuck in a blouse to your skirt or trouser, which would be suitable too. Wear a wrist watch and a dainty necklace which would suffice. Add a nice pair of sandal heels which would look very professional and elegant.

5. Sporty
You can wear a total gym outfit if you are in to athletic wear. Sporty girls can pair leggings with T-shirts and add running shoes as the footwear.  A wrist watch might add elegance for the outfit.

Remember decency is the key factor. Studies are priority; therefore focus less on the outfit and more on the lecture. It would be best to go for a comfy outfit whatever the attire you choose to wear.

Next week
We have; what you can wear for casual outings and hangouts.
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sporty outfit
sporty outfit
Presentation day
Presentation day
Girly - outfit
Girly – outfit