Emergency crews in California embarked on a 20-hour mission to rescue a raccoon trapped inside a drain. Wildlife Emergency Services arrived to the scene to rescue a raccoon which was found trapped after a homeless man reportedly heard grunts coming from a pipe in a local market.

“I was on scene by 3:00 pm. The animal’s moans were unlike anything I’d ever heard,” Rebecca Dmytryk said in a Wildlife Emergency Services blog post. “It’s unusual for an adult animal to cry out, so, this meant the animal was in extreme distress.”

Crews discovered an adult raccoon trapped about eight feet inside the pipe as water began to collect around the animal’s body. The crews used shovels to remove sludge and drain the water away. It was necessary to cut through the asphalt to the pipe in order to rescue the raccoon. The crew managed to use crowbars to open up the pipe enough to pull the raccoon to safety where it was placed on top of warming pads.