Chris Pratt has really skyrocketed to fame, but it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing to get to that point. In a new Vanity Fair interview, Pratt described the long path that led him to superstardom, and how the entire experience has justified his belief in God and religion. The Passengers alum recalled a job he once had selling coupons, saying it served as training for auditions and rejection: “I was selling coupons for things like oil changes or trips to a spa. I was great at that.”

Plus, that career move really reinforced his thoughts on religion: “That’s why I believe in God and the divine. I feel like it was perfectly planned.” He feels the divine intervention continued when he caught the attention of Tommy Chong’s daughter, Rae Dawn Chong, while working at a restaurant in Hawaii. Thanks to her, he auditioned for a comedy called Cursed Part 3, and nabbed the lead role. While Chris admitted the movie was “the worst movie [he]’d ever seen,” it ultimately scored him a manager.
Perez Hilton