Trinity College will be organizing a six-a-side hockey tournament on January14 and15 at the Asgiriya Stadium. They first played hockey in 1939 under the name ‘Rabbits’, and official recognition for the game was not granted by the school authorities until 1950. The first captain in1939 was GB Senavirthne, and the first Lion winner was SS Bambaradeniya in 1950, and the first two Colours winners were CS Bamabradeniya and CH Meares.
There first two games were played against S. Thomas’ College and Wesley College which they won both, and Trinity played against Kingswood in 1952, St. Anthony’s College in 1953, Dharmaraja College and St. Sylvester’s College in 1954.

The first Trintiian to represent the country was EL Fernando who was one time principal. So, now the hockey lovers of the school have come forward  to organize a six-a-side tournament  where 32 boys teams and 18 girls team form Kandy, Colombo, Jaffna, Galle, Colombo, Chilaw, Matale and Badulla will take part.