Television Match Official’s (TMO’s) duties should be highlighted to the rugby lovers, and they should know what is TMO up to? The TMO is a tool to help referees and assistant referees. The referee is responsible for managing the TMO process, and he is the decision-maker and must remain in charge of the game. Any relevant information taken into consideration must be clear and obvious in the context of materiality. The TMO may be used when the referee requires confirmation with regard to the scoring of try. The TMO may also be consulted as to the success or otherwise of kicks at goal. The referee will blow time out and make a ‘T’ sign to indicate ‘time-out’. The referee will make a ‘square-box’ signal with his hands and at the same time inform the TMO through the two-way communication that he will require his advice.  The referee will then ask the TMO one of three questions. The TMO system must be credible and consistent, protecting the image of the game.