1. People from other departments tell you, “I know you’re not the manager of this department, but I trust your judgment more than your manager’s – can I get your advice?”

2. Your manager could not explain the company’s or their department’s 2017 priorities and challenges – but you can.

3. Your boss is mostly concerned with ‘housekeeping’ issues like getting reports filed with the right people and on time, the state of the department budget and attendance reports. Your boss has little interest or feel for the actual business of your company.

4. Your manager has noticed that you are competent and being acknowledged for your abilities, and they don’t like it. They cut you out of important conversations and try to push you away from the action.

5. Your boss comes to you for solutions to department problems, or even political disagreements with other managers – but then wants you to forget those conversations as soon as they are over.

6. Your manager preps with you before meeting with other managers or making presentations.

7. Your manager steals your best ideas and takes credit for them.

8. Your boss minimizes your role in the department whenever your name comes up. They do that to alleviate their fear over your growing flame and influence.

9. Higher-up managers in the company notice your accomplishments and ask you for your opinion on issues that affect your whole department – not just your position.

10. Other managers introduce you as “One of our Managers” because they assume you are a manager.