One time king makers in boxing, are all out to bring back the sport to its former glory like when boxers Donald G Labrooy, the first to win a national boxing title in early 1950s. He was followed by Malcolm Marshal, Milroy de Soysa,  Anslem de Soysa, ME Marikar, award-winning journalist, the Bulner brothers and all round sportsman Nimal Lewke  were the kings of the ring.

Later boxers like HC Hearthge, M Reyal, SA Azwer, H Edmun, J Peterson, DC Weerasinghe, TS Hassan, Derick Gunasinghe, N Thirukumar gave their best. Boxing was synonymous with St. Sylvester’s which was in the forefront of schools boxing winning the coveted Stubbs Shield several times – within fourteen years they won it 12 times. The Old Boys’ Association is going all out to give their best to the sport. St. Sylvester’s College has produced some top class boxers. This school is situated in the heart of the seat of ancient Sinhala Kings and remains as the one and only school in the country if not in the world, to have produced a sportsman who was selected to represent two different countries at two different Olympic Games.

That is none other than boxer Malcolm Bulner.  He represented Sri Lanka (Ceylon) at the Olympic Games in Tokyo and was later selected to represent Australia at the following Olympic Games. But, he was deprived of achieving this rare feat owing to technical reason.  .