A call has been made by the Government for increased surveillance on the part of the authorities enforcing law and order with regard to malicious and personally derogatory and defamatory content posted on social media by way of websites.

Deputy Minister of Parliamentary Reforms and Mass Media, Karunaratne Paranawithana said that the authorities in charge of law and order should monitor incidents of civil defamation and take action.

He said certain culprits have been brought before courts.

The Government is to empower the Ministry of Law and Order by strengthening the existing legal system according to Paranawithana who said that along with it new legislation for an independent media monitoring mechanism will be brought in next year.
However, he confirmed that criminal defamation laws would not be brought back.

“There are ways and means to tackle this issue. The laws in place have lapsed as the authorities under whose purview the subject of law and order came and comes had not taken fruitful action. As directed by President Maithripala Sirisena we are looking at this problem seriously,” Paranawithana further added.