TV actress Shama Sikander who’s had a successful career on TV has dealt with the pain of a debilitating mental condition. The lady was suffering from bipolar disorder for a long period of time but finally overcame it after treatment, counselling and meditation in the US. She took a long break to recover and is back on track. Her short film, Sexaholic is creating ripples as much as for its bold content as Shama’s powerhouse performance.
“I took this long gap for soul-searching. I did a lot of introspecting. I feel many of us are scared to do that as we don’t want to stir our demons. Today, I have accepted myself in a better manner and thank God for it. I have a better understanding of what I want to do and where I want to reach. The gap was a blessing as it helped me reconnect with my soul.”

Times were certainly not easy for Shama who had to battle bipolar disorder and the depression that followed it. In early 2015, she broke up with her boyfriend, Alexx O’Neil. However, she found a lot of support from then-friend and now fiancé James Milliron. She underwent treatment and also took to spirituality. She says, “I had a bipolar stroke, which left me totally depressed. It was a very tough situation where I literally met death and came back. I was unhappy about my professional and personal life and everything just spiralled downwards. I feel I have had a rebirth.”
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