Kandy Police, in the good old days, had some top cricket, football, hockey and volleyball teams and are hoping to bring back all sports to the position where it was. One should not forget the contribution made by the Kandy Police Department. They gave a big hand for Kandy sports by providing their playgrounds at Asgiriya at a nominal charge. Today, big matches are played at the International Stadiums, paying a huge sum. In the good old days, all big matches were played at the Police Grounds. The first game of hockey was played on this ground in 1905, and also the first rugger match.

A big hand should go to all the top Police officers-past and present-who served in Kandy. They were all sports lovers who gave a big hand for sports. The sporting SSP Division, Edmund Mahindra is a sportsman produced by Richmond College. Then, the HQI Nipuna Dehigama a top hockey player hailed from Nalanda College. They are backed by the sporting DIG Mahinda Ekanayke, a sportsman from Kingswood College, trying to bring back sports where it was.  They are keen in taking part at cricket, football, hockey, volleyball, and they also have a well-equipped Gymnasium even the Police Women are keen in taking part at netball, basketball and hockey