Another year comes to an end, and it is appropriate to take a look at sports in Kandy. Over the years, Kandy has established a proud record of having produced some of the topmost sportsmen/sportswomen in the field of rugger, cricket, football, swimming, hockey, athletics, table tennis, iron sports, boxing, swimming, basketball, golf baseball and now handball which is a new sport that has been introduced in Kandy.

Rugger is undoubtedly the most popular sport with Kandy Sports Club, being the reigning Club Rugby Champions. This has boosted the sport in every corner with all schools taking up the game-Trinity, Kingswood, St. Anthony’s, Dharmaraja, St. Sylvester’s, Sri Sumangala, Sri Rahula, and Vidyartha. Football, though it is the common man’s game, is continuing with limited resources and facilities. But sad to say after the new faces at the FFSL, football in Kandy has taken a back seat.

Cricket continues to take pride of place at school levels, though the club standards have dropped somewhat, and few months back there was a change in cricket administration and now club cricket is also picking up. There are some clubs that exist only on papers, contributing little or nothing to the betterment of Kandy Cricket. Hockey at school level is good but at club level is a sad story. Cue games-billiards and snooker, however, have taken a nosedive with hardly any activity but only to rise from the dead during the election times. Basketball has retained its former glory, and most of the sports are not in good position, due to office bearers’ inefficiency.