The Ministry of Power and Renewable  Energy acknowledged that the generation of power for the provision of reliable and continuous supply of electricity was a challenge in view of expected drought conditions in the country.

Director (Development) of the Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy,  Sulakshana Jayawardena said that one alternative strategy was the self-generation option.

It concerns hotels which utilize generators that are 100 kilowatt ampere and above.  By using a separate metre, the number of units will be measured and the payment for the amount will be made by the relevant public enterprise instead of the national grid.

In 2015, with sufficient rain, there was 80% of hydro storage by December that year and by the beginning of 2017, the hydro storage will be 40%, which is 50% less than what it was at the beginning of this year according to Jayawardena.

“We will use the maximum from thermal power. While power generation is a priority too, it is secondary to the other priorities in the case of water. The resource is restricted. We have to therefore manage the water levels of reservoirs. We will get some solar power. We can also get supplementary power from the private sector,” Jayawardena explained.      (RLJ)