Osethma Ayurveda Hospital the renowned and famed name in the Ayurveda medical field in Sri Lanka has introduced a herbal medicine Osethma Slimin to treat patients suffering from obesity.

Osethma Slimin is produced from a 100% natural Ayurvera formula which has received the approval from the Formulary Committee of the Department of Ayurveda of Sri Lanka.
Osethma Slimin is produced using the savoury of curry leaves, garlic, black seeds and garcinia (Goraka). Because of the herbal richness of the formula, Osethma Slimin enables a very safe and quick weight loss in body. Furthermore, Osethma Slimin contributes in regulating the digestive system and the control of cholesterol and fat levels in the liver. It also creates additional energy by burning unwanted fat in the body.

Commenting on the medicinal prowess of Osethma Slimin, Dr Kamal Serasinghe Chairman Osethma Ayurveda Hospital said, “obesity is a common problem faced by many nowadays. Wrong dietary habits, lack of exercise are two of the main causes that lead to obesity. By producing Osethma Slimin using several medicinal savouries used from ancient time in our kitchens enable to control obesity by digesting food correctly. It has been proved beyond doubt that Osethma Slimin will enable a slim and healthy body.” Dr Serasinghe insisted that there were absolutely no side effects arriving due to the use of Osethma Slimin.

Osethma Slimin can be purchased from all Ayurveda outlets island-wide including the Northern and Eastern provinces. A programme is also in effect to deliver Osethma products to households sans any additional cost.