The Central Environmental Authority will be issuing a gazette introducing standards to be complied with regard to industrial gaseous emissions by factories.

The Government has proposed to take stern legal action against industries releasing gases harmful to the environment without adhering to the stipulated standards in terms of the quantities to be released and the air quality to be maintained at all times.

Those engaged in the improper disposal of waste into water bodies and anyone emitting sounds at decibel levels harmful to the environment are presently being dealt with under the National Environmental Act.

Director General of the Authority, K.H. Muthukudaarachchi explained that power plants, those operating industrial boilers and furnaces such as those in the metal industry, the recycling industry, and those engaged in smelting and fabrication were the heaviest polluters as far as the industrial sectors were concerned.

Subsequent to the issuing of the gazette, a national and island-wide programme would be implemented.

While the Authority will conduct quarterly inspections by way of visits to factories island-wide, the law also allows them to conduct raids.

“The gazette has been drafted and sent to the Legal Draftsman’s Department for approval. Industrial treatment plants have to be maintained as per the current law and sound levels too must be maintained at the prescribed levels,” Muthukudaarachchi further said.