Aries would definitely be the first to make a Christmas list. They would put everything they wanted, to the extreme. After making the list, they’d be the one who spikes someone’s hot chocolate with booze, and laugh their butts off.

Around the holidays, any taurean looks forward to the food. Whether it’s Christmas ham, mashed potatoes, or even leftover thanksgiving turkey! The typical Taurus would probably try to sneak food when the chef isn’t looking. Or maybe take apart the ginger bread house, and eat it.

A Gemini would go Black Friday shopping, and hope to find presents for all their fellow signs. Since Gemini’s tend to be very quick, they’ll probably get exactly what they need, and also many things that they don’t need or even want. A Gemini might just go Black Friday shopping just for the fun if the chaos!

Cancer is all about the family, for the Holidays. They’ll be doing everything for/with their families. A cancer would totally go out of their way to help out the family for Christmas. On Christmas (or any other day) their family always comes first.

Leo’s will be cooking. They’ll be making the most delicious treats, and hoping to get the attention of others with the holiday snacks. Whenever a Leo cooks it will always be the best meal because they are genuinely great chefs.

Operation decoration. The Virgo’s OCD will kick in and make sure the decor is absolutely perfect. The decorations will be fantastic and they’ll be put in a practical, organized, neatly displaced fashion. When a Virgo decorates it’s cute, perfect, and sophisticated but not cheesy, or under done.

Libra would be contemplating about which gifts to buy for what people. They want to make the gift fair, so the gifts are equal, to avoid awkward tension. A libra might try to guess, or ask other signs what they’re getting for Christmas and try to match the thought, and the price. Each year a libra will struggle with fairness factor and how to make the presents fair.

They’ll be Black Friday shopping, but unlike Gemini a Scorpio will be at Black Friday, and causing chaos. Scorpios will watch people scramble, while causing their own sort of problem. They’ll be smart and sneaky about it, and won’t get caught. Once they’ve done their prank, they’ll walk out and not look back, like a badass in a movie, once something explodes.

Sag will throw the biggest Christmas party, and it’ll have everything. When I say everything, I mean everyone. They’ll have people in ugly sweaters, to slutty Santa suits. They’ll have food as innocent as cookies and milk, to beer and meth. A Christmas party that’s run by a sag, anything will go.

They will do whatever they can to get presents for their fellow signs. Although they won’t go Black Friday shopping like Scorpio, or Gemini, they will order everything off of the internet on Black Friday. This way they’ll get the gifts on sale, but it won’t have the chaos.

Aquarians are quirky. So they’ll take their quirky, and outgoing personalities and go Christmas caroling. They won’t just sing traditional songs, they’ll probably sing their own crazy versions, considering they love being different. Knowing Aquarians, they’ll probably still be caroling on July, just for the fun of it!

Pisces will spend almost all of their money on Amazon, trying to find the best presents for everyone. Pisceans are genuinely kind people, so they won’t care what the price is, as long as the receiver is more than happy about their gift.