PickMe, Sri Lanka’s own taxi hailing service through a mobile app, has come up with some unique models to create energy within their ecosystem. The mode of sourcing quick and efficient transportation is all about developing communities between the consumer and the supplier of services. Zulfer Jiffry, CEO of PickMe says that as much as providing a taxi service, the Company also believes in engaging with its communities which in part is connected to their corporate social responsibility programmes.

Their involvement in ‘Trail 2016’ was one such success, Zulfer says, ‘Whilst we made our contributions for trail, we were also able to sensitize our customers to contribute in a small way towards this worthy cause.” Five rupees from every cab ride booked through the app within the Colombo city, was donated towards assisting the cancer patients in Sri Lanka.  Whilst the customers did not actually pay for this they contributed by taking the rides.

Crowdsourcing has become a powerful way of sourcing funds and it is tied up with the social responsibility programs of the corporate sector. It is a practice of engaging a group for a common goal and increasing the input into a particular task or project. The Internet and social media have played a key role in implementing the strategy.

The  App used crowdsourcing, more specifically crowdfunding to raise awareness of the event, at the same time helping Trail to achieve their targets. While promoting the brand, this idea gave the youth the satisfaction of at least indirect community service. “This is a first for Sri Lanka and it would be a platform for more innovative concepts,” stated the CEO who added that their developers are trying their best to expand to accommodate the older generation as well. He believes that the increasing user friendly software would eventually draw the attention of the middle-aged people.