Let’s sing together, ‘We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!’ Great, you guys make an awesome choir. We should sing more often. Let’s be merry today and for the rest of the coming year as well!

What’s up ladies? How is the Christmas vibe treating you? Last week we prepped ourselves for this day and it’s finally here! Well it’s a busy day today and for those of you who are reading this, we have our prep session for New Year’s Eve. We are featuring three upcoming models from The Agency, Sri Lanka in today’s article, sharing their ideas of looks for New Year’s Eve. I will be adding some of the looks that can go for this New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve styling
For a dinner, go for a long evening gown to look glamourous with minimal but statement jewellery. If you are going to rock the night partying, it would be suitable to go for a short dress, romper or dressy shorts and tank top! If you are going to stay at home with your family, then pyjamas do the needful! Wherever you may be, you need to take into account your body shape and go for the dress or outfit that brings the best in you!
Accessorise yourself with chunky statement jewellery if it’s a party, for a dinner it’s
best to go for dainty statement jewellery. Today’s edition is going to be less of my advice
and more of the three gorgeous ladies of The Agency.

Tracy Anne De Zilva
1st runner-up Miss Intercontinental and Queen of Asia and Oceania

“It’s always fun to step out of the norm, so instead of black I like to go for big bold and bright tones of colour, lots of sparkle because you can never go wrong with sparkle, chunky but simple accessories to complement the outfit and a beautiful elegant clutch and shoes to match.”

Kalpanee Gunawardana
“For special occasions, I usually decide on the day as to what I am going to wear, depending on how I feel, from a few options that have been picked out beforehand. I always have an option I can wear without heels if need be, for example. However, this 31st, I plan to be at a friend’s house in Wadduwa by the water. So I know I want to be in an outfit that offers me seamless transition from lounging at the water front while also giving me the option of looking chic; and for me that is always going to be a sarong.

I will be dressing it up with a crop top and my go to gold cuff necklace that instantly adds a certain je ne sais quoi to any outfit, or if the mood is more relaxed, you will find me in a simple skinny. As for footwear, it’s bound to be my trusty beach slippers, and I prefer to go barefoot whenever feasible! Comfort is a key concern for me when choosing my clothes, along with the ability to immerse myself in whatever activities of the day. I wish you a Happy New Year and a fantastic night, no matter what you end up wearing!”

Minoli Dayaratne
black dress because that’s my go to colour for an evening out. I’d wear a floor length simple black dress with a pair of red lace up heels and my wine red Matt lipstick. I’d accessorize with about ten silver rings and knuckle rings on my left hand for a slight rock effect. It’s quite simple because I don’t usually like my clothes being too loud, I’d rather have it compliment my figure and personality. As much as I believe in making a statement with my clothes, I don’t think it should be loud and too out there. A statement can be made even with the simplest of attire and its more about how you carry it and how you accessorize. A little bit of confidence makes all the difference.”

Minoli Dayaratne also added some New Year resolutions which would motivate our ladies to look forward to each day and year! “With the dawn of the new year, I’m truly excited; approaching it with a lot of hope and faith in things to come. I have big plans on where I want to be and the goals I want to achieve, because at 21, I believe the future is here. It will be a year of more dreams coming true and Gods blessings showing through in my life. It’s been an amazing year. And I’m looking forward to even more of that excitement and beauty to celebrate this life. And I hope you will too!”

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