The National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) noted that the issue of providing water to elevated areas in 70 schemes, identified as those affected by drought conditions, through zone based distributive systems, would prevail for some time.

NWSDB has identified locations or schemes on the basis of areas affected due to the drought which prevailed in the country from the latter part of August till October this year. There are 330 such schemes in the country out of which 70 will be affected. There is also the problem of low supply in other areas.

NWSDB General Manager Engineer G.A. Kumararathna said that the board was considering technical solutions to address the issue a part from using tractor bowsers. According to him as many 25 tractor bowsers will be purchased while 15 such machines will be borrowed from the Army. He said that the board was considering internal pumping as part of the technical solutions.

In addition, high capacity drilling is on the cards and be done to obtain groundwater in areas where the water on the surface has completely dried up.

In connection with the areas where drilling takes place, the quality of the water will be tested before water pumps are put in place.

90% of elevated areas won’t get water, he added.

“We are seriously getting ready for the drought conditions. We are handling matters in a tailor-made way,” he emphasized.