super-marioSuper Mario Run
One of the most famous and beloved video games in history has just been announced as a mobile game – with Nintendo planning to release Super Mario Run on iOS next week. Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo, who was part of the creation of other classics like Donkey Kong and the Legend of Zelda, demonstrated in a video that the game is playable with just one hand, even as you scarf down cake with the other! Jimmy Fallon played a level on his night show, kicking off a trial on the app store after the episode was aired. The store has even made it possible for fans to be notified when the game is released- the first time it has ever made this feature available. Unlike most mobile games, Super Mario Run will cost almost ten dollars but will have no in-App purchases, making it more like a regular video game than a mobile title. Time will tell if this will prove to be a success for Nintendo akin to PokemonGo.

trylerZayn Malik, Taylor Swift release single
Zayn Malik, former member of boy band One Direction, and Taylor Swift, pop princess who was embroiled in controversy this year, have released a song together for the Fifty Shades Darker movie. The collaboration was surprising, but many fans were pleased with the sultry effort, with the song trending on Twitter and shooting to take the number one spot on iTunes. The Fifty Shades books and movies have been ridiculed but the first movie’s soundtrack was a hit, with The Weeknd being nominated for an academy award for his song ‘Earned It’. It’s a possibility that the two artists are gunning towards recognition such as this but for now their fans are simply pleased to be able to listen to the track.

4Rogue One
Star Wars may be one of the biggest franchises ever, but the debut of its first standalone movie ‘Rogue One’ is a test for fans – do they really want a Star Wars movie that is not a continuation of the original saga? Though the movie proper is yet to be released, early reviews that poured in were overwhelmingly positive, with much praise towards director Gareth Edward’s gritty take on the galaxy far far away. However, the film was not without controversy – earlier this week a rumour spawned that the director had reshot scenes to add an anti-Trump message, causing Trump supporters to call for a boycotting of the movie.

The tag ‘DumpStarWars’ trended on twitter, with some supporting the boycott and others mocking the supporters, implying that they hadn’t realised that the evil Empire in Star Wars were the bad guys. Actor Riz Ahmed who features as someone loyal to the Empire and then changes sides, said, “It’s important that art and cinema asks important questions and asks us about where our moral compass lies, as well as kind of providing entertainment and some escapism.” Rogue One in particular has been highlighted by fans and critics alike as a timely analogy – a group of diverse individuals standing up to a rigid establishment.

spider-menSpider Man
The costumed friendly neighbourhood superhero of New York is getting his third outing on the big screen as Spider-Man is rebooted again, this time featuring Tom Holland in the role he first appeared in Captain America: Civil War earlier this year. After releasing a teaser that suggested that this current Spider-Man is of the Youtube generation and will certainly be an avid social media user, two trailers dropped that hinted at the storyline of the movie that will be released mid next year.

Iron Man, played by Robert Downey Jr, features prominently but never threatens to overwhelm what will be a Spider-Man distinct from the previous two franchises. His best friend here isn’t Harry Osborn, it’s Ned Leeds, an interesting take. Also instead of Mary Jane Watson or Gwen Stacey, Spidey’s love interest is Liz Allan, his very first love interest from the comics. There is also the mystery character of Zendaya Coleman playing ‘Michelle’ who might just turn out to be MJ. All in all, the film seems to be leaning towards the comedic side of things which should make for an exciting movie.